Saturday, August 9, 2014

Red dirt... in everything

The Northwest is an area that I was very excited to spend some time in.  While planning my trip, the photos I saw of this area is what I thought Outback Australia is all about.  The remoteness, the climate, and the red dirt that gets into everything.

The Pilbara

A trip to The Pilbara wouldn't be complete without a stop at Tom Price, and the Mt. Tom Price mine
Tonka Truck

For scale, the white lines are 18" diameter water pipes, and the hole used to be as tall as the hill behind it

Heavy traffic


The Kimberley

Hop in, I won't bite

gorge walks, swimming, and rock art

Oh, and the sunsets were alright too

Looking down on top of Mitchell falls

The more common view

Camp for a couple days

More waterfalls

Crossing the Pentecost River

And coming back


Palm tree gorge

The last of the gorges on the Gibb, and the coldest swim I had. There were icebergs

Termite mound with a view

Looking back over camp

Notice full size man at bottom of gorge

Thanks WA, it was fun

Quick trip through the Northern Territory

Daly Waters pub

Back to where it started

Bush Bike Shop

Having a look around

The end of another day

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Into the sunset

First stop out of Melbourne

Terrible weather, and no surf

Trying to escape the incoming Autumn along the Great Ocean Road.

Home for tonight

The 12 Apostles, a few short on numbers now

Sandstone cliffs provide excellent locations for villain hide-outs

And interesting stalactites

Not a bad way to see the country

Old buildings are always a good background for old Land Rover

Series 1 row at Melrose, South Australian National Land Rover Show

The post Melrose Flinders trip, thanks again for talking me into joining

Looking ahead to the Flinders Ranges

Happy Land Rover

Resting in the shade before climbing to the top

Looking back down the valley

Still plenty of water two weeks after heavy rain

No mate, you go first

Some of the most beautiful area I have ever visited

Six days and 800 kilometers of dirt roads

The Leyland brothers 107.  One of two Land Rovers they drove cross country from Steep point (furthest west) to Cape Byron (furthest east) in 1966

Fixing the exhaust properly this time

Cactus Beach, famous for sharks and surfing

Across the Nullarbor

Everything is bigger out west

This will be a fun section at 80kph (50mph for Americans)

After two hours of this, the first corner was actually exciting